Wedding Band Hire

The cake won’t get you dancing… The flowers won’t get you dancing… The food won’t get you dancing… it’s Impact that get you dancing!

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Impact is a band based in Northern Ireland, providing wedding reception entertainment across the province including Belfast.

Wedding day is the best and the happiest day of your life. As you take your vows, surrounded by your family and loved ones, the happiness can be felt in the air. Impact helps you give a sound to your happiness so that it reverberates in the air and fills the hearts of those who have gathered to help you in celebrating your special day.

With time, the conventional wedding practices have evolved. Today the time-honoured tradition of wedding music and dance is being upheld, with the sprinkling of modern touch; the live performance.  The days of DJ & Disco for your special day are fast becoming a thing of the 20th century.  For the 21st century, an entertaining show with a great sound and LED lighting to enhance the look of event space is fast becoming a wedding necessity – almost as much as the cake itself!

Impact realizes the importance of your big day. We aim to provide you a perfect day. With each step of the bride down the aisle, you will feel warmth and emotion fill your heart with our music. The I Dos are punctuated by the sounds of love that fills the air you breathe. The majestic sounds of Impact will make you feel excited and touched at the same time.

We at Impact aim to pursue a personalized and customized approach towards each client, we never view a wedding as just another night’s work for us. We know this is the most important day of your life and we never treat it as anything less, we design our shows for your wedding not a wedding.  A plethora of satisfied couples is testimonial to our success. We ensure to provide you with songs to match your feelings. We treat your guests as special for they have graced the event with their precious time and we aim to make it the best time of their life. Simply put, we want everyone dancing all night.

We have expertise in all kinds of weddings venues; from marquees to church to hotel reception, we have covered it all successfully.  We do not perform all year round at pubs and clubs, weddings are what Impact specialise in and as such we have the experience to ensure your big day is truly one to remember. We love weddings and we love entertaining at weddings.

We have a broad genre of offering including Jazz, Pop, Contemporary, R &B, Dance, Rock, Funk, Disco, Retro, and all of which is current on radio today; you name it. We have also covered themed weddings like 70s and 80s and rocked the night.

With over twenty years experience Gary possesses an instinctive understanding of how to read and play to diverse audiences.  With a constantly evolving repertoire of over 500 songs Impact do not perform a pre-defined set list like many bands, in fact no two nights have ever been the same.  Gary brings the following three important skills to each and every wedding reception:

1.      Knowledge of Music

A deep knowledge of all musical genres and knowing the artists and songs from the 1950s to current day ensures that the brides, grooms and their guests will want to dance the night away.  With this deep knowledge of music Gary can ensure that songs your grandparents and parents want to hear, as well as the songs you and your wedding party want to dance to are performed.

2.      Ability to Read a Crowd and Play to a Diverse Audience

Gary knows how to read diverse crowds and playing just the right song as the moment suggests. Unlike other bands that play for a relatively narrow demographic, Impact plays music that will appeal to different ages and tastes. If playing to crowds aged one to one hundred, with musical preferences as diverse as the Beatles to Lady Gaga sounds scary to you, this is exactly our forte. Being able to effectively read the crowd and cater to all ages and musical preferences is a skill that cannot be taught in a classroom, it’s a skill that can only be acquired with experience.

3.      Ability to Manage the Flow of the Reception

Gary is able to facilitate the flow of the wedding reception ensuring all guests have a great time. Impact does more than merely playing music. We realize that interacting and engaging with the wedding guests is of paramount important.  Impact knows how to get the party started and will make sure the party continues throughout the evening.


Why choose Impact:-

The focus is on you, your family and your guests having an enjoyable evening.  Impact has a style that is encouraging without being overbearing, interactive without being intrusive and energetic without being obnoxious.

A profession and experienced band, with over 500 successful receptions, who have been together for over 20 years and will still be together on your special day.

Superb vocals and music, an overall band entertainment experience that will create a fun atmosphere to keep your guests dancing all night long.

Attention, dedication and service you deserve on your wedding day, with communications handled promptly and ultra-professionally.

Impact and DJ package

If you are thinking of having a DJ in addition to the band, using our DJ package is the best in terms of value for money and transition between the entertainment elements.

Run by the band to save you money and ensure a fully integrated evening of entertainment.

Our DJ package is a great combination to have with Impact.  If you want a DJ but don’t want the hefty price tag that comes with it we can provide a disco for the evening FREE OF CHARGE, and it’s for that reason that 95% of our clients book our DJ package along with the band.


What are the main benefits of your DJ package?

  • Keep the party going non-stop with a fluid transition from DJ-Band- Food-DJ
  • Make requests for your favourite songs
  • Music that is tailored to your event specifically (not an Ipod on shuffle)
  • Cheaper than hiring a DJ separately
  • Band lights as well as additional disco lights provide great effects
  • No repetition of songs, we know the set, we won’t play it during the disco also
  • Maximise space, one PA and lighting system, reducing disruption from equipment being moved and set up
  • Enables us to make announcements during the evening
  • Single point of contact for all your entertainment plans reducing the amount of co-ordination for you to manage


Our team will guide you to which show will work best for your wedding, personalise to your musical tastes, take care of the timings on the night and liaise with the venue. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy the big day.

Impact requires one hour to setup all the equipment, perform a sound check and ensure the stage is tidy and safe. This will typically take place whilst the venue performs the room turnaround. The band will arrive for this time, so that we are ready to begin playing background music for the arrival of the evening guests.

We will be there come your wedding day so you can relax and enjoy an outstanding celebration managed and planned to perfection, and one that you, your families and friends will talk about for years to come. You may already have a vision of your dream day, if not we will find it together…

For more information on availability or bookings call Gary on 07740 677 885 or Request a callback